Shamong Township Residents

Along with our traditional once a week curbside service (five (5) trash bags or five(5) thirty (30) gallon trash cans), we now provide our customers with the option of 64 gallon totes (for senior citizens 63 years or older) or 96 gallon totes** It’s a convenient, concise, and mess free way to dispose of your trash! Tote customers are restricted to one (1) tote and their weekly bulk item. If you choose a tote program, you will be limited to the amount of the trash the tote can hold with the lid closed level. Any excess trash outside of that can will charged to your account. Other arrangements can be made. Additional fee for multiple totes.Contact our office today to sign up for our tote service.

One bulk item is allowed per week along with your weekly collection. Bulk item collections are to be called into our office for proper scheduling 24 hours prior to your pick up day. Bulk items include but are not limited to: sofas, chairs, mattress, and box springs. Items that are not included as a bulk pick up include: miscellaneous light metal items, TV’s, electronics, washers, dryers, refrigerators, tires, batteries,etc. These items are collected separately for recycling purposes. We cannot collect TV's; these can be brought to the county landfill by residents (limit two TV's/monitors per year).
You may substitute two (2) bundles of sticks, branches or shrubbery (NO leaves) for your bulk item. Bundles must be tied, no longer than three (3) feet in length, 2 feet in width and no heavier than 30 lbs. During the summer months, you may also substitute your bulk item for two (2) bags of grass clippings.  
We also accept small quantity of carpet and construction as your regular weekly bulk item. Rolls of carpet must be no longer than 3-4 feet in length and 1-2 feet in width. Please give us a call to schedule this material.
 Senior Citizen Programs are available! Contact our office for additional information.

To close an account, we must receive a letter of cancelation sent via certified mail and will be subject to a cancelation fee.